EDUCATION: B.S. Civil Engineering, Ohio University, 1971

Graduate Study: FHWA Fellow, Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering, Transportation Engineering Specialization, 1974

REGISTRATION: Professional Engineer


Peters & Associates Engineers, Inc.

Mr. Peters, in association with other professionals, formed Peters & Associates, Engineers in 1981. He has provided professional engineering and technical services in areas including Parking Studies, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Highway Safety, Commercial Site Development, Residential and Commercial Subdivision and Computer Applications as well as more traditional streets and drainage Civil Engineering projects. Mr. Peters has done research and provided expert testimony in Traffic Engineering in numerous State Administrative Hearings as well as Circuit and Federal courts. He has provided training to local government engineering/public works officials on traffic safety and traffic control principals and practices.

PAWA, Incorporated

While serving as manager in PAWA's Little Rock office for three years, Mr. Peters participated in a variety of consulting engineering projects for both public and private sector clients, including preparation of plans, technical and functional specifications, construction management and implementation of a major computer controlled traffic signal system, statewide traffic engineering and traffic safety assistance to local governments, commercial site development studies and designs. Mr. Peters also had key roles in urban land use planning studies and in computer simulation modeling projects.

City of Little Rock, Arkansas

While serving the City of Little Rock for four years, Mr. Peters held the positions of Research and Development Engineer, Chief of Engineering Research and Design and Director of Engineering. In these positions, he was responsible for all traffic and civil engineering design and construction activities for all city street and drainage improvements, and the review of all subdivision and site development plans. Mr. Peters also served the Little Rock Regional airport for nine months, in charge of engineering and planning.

Athens County, Ohio

Assistant County Engineer, responsible for bridge design and inspection of highway-railroad grade crossing protection, county highway design and construction supervision. Developed and implemented a County Roadway Inventory and Condition Rating System for pavement, drainage and traffic control facilities.


Institute of Transportation Engineers


Ernest J. Peters, P.E.

President & Principal Engineer


Randy Tolbert

Senior Engineering Technician


EDUCATION: Undergraduate study in Public Speaking Major at University of North Texas & Southwest Texas State University


Peters & Associates, Engineers Inc.

Mr. Tolbert joined Peters & Associates, Engineers Inc. in 1998 to conduct traffic signal design projects, traffic systems development, commercial and residential site development projects, and accident review analysis.  Mr. Tolbert has been involved in data collection, data analysis, traffic impact analysis report production, AutoCAD drawing production, parking lot modification design and traffic signal design.  Mr. Tolbert has coordinated and served as project manager to a major retail client on traffic studies and design projects that include parking lot and access drive improvement modifications.


United Success Associates, Inc.

Mr. Tolbert was the Director of Operations responsible for building and managing all aspects of the Distributor relations department including budget, upper level management and daily operations of a nationwide direct sales company. Mr. Tolbert was involved with writing the marketing plan for United Success Associates, Inc. as well as designing and setting up the entire shipping department.

The Americall Corporation

Mr. Tolbert was the Director of Shipping and Customer Service Departments for a nationwide, direct sales, telecommunications company. Mr. Tolbert's responsibilities included supervising personnel decisions, developing and maintaining distributor relations, and overseeing all aspects of the shipping and customer service departments. Mr. Tolbert was also the creator and editor of the monthly newsletter, which was distributed nationwide, as well as most of the other literature involved with The Americall Corporation.
Events, Inc.


Mr. Tolbert was the Home Office Coordinator and worked in all areas of the sponsorships and advertising of professional sporting events. Mr. Tolbert's other responsibilities included marketing, bookkeeping and overseeing ticket sales at the stadium or arenas where the events took place.

ORGANIZATIONS: Little Rock Engineers Club
Southwest Texas Rugby Football Club