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Peters & Associates Engineers, Incorporated is a small firm, uniquely qualified with extensive experience in a variety of engineering projects.† The Firm offers several distinct characteristics:


 Peters & Associates is an Arkansas Corporation with its office in Little Rock since 1982; a proven commitment to continue to provide professional engineering services to public and private sector clients.


 Our small staff necessitates direct involvement of principals in all aspects of the work and provides direct communications and close coordination.


 Peters & Associates is a recognized expert in the area of traffic engineering that has provided professional traffic engineering services for many private and public sector clients.


 The President and principal engineer is a registered professional engineer in eighteen states.


Peters & Associates Engineers, Inc. is a Corporation; an organization dedicated to the study and solution of traffic safety and engineering problems.† Considerable practical experience has been gained in many phases of transportation and civil engineering with a substantial amount of this experience being gained while employed by cities, counties and state agencies.† This direct practical experience with governmental units, together with relevant professional consulting engineering experience, is judged to be invaluable in working both with public and private sector clients.†


Mr. Ernest J. Peters is a Registered Professional Engineer, is the President of the Corporation and Principal Engineer for the Firm and is supported by other personnel for clerical, drafting and surveying as needed.†


Mr. Randy M. Tolbert has over eighteen years experience in traffic engineering, all with Peters & Associates Engineers, Inc.† Mr. Tolbert has worked with several traffic signal design projects, traffic systems development, commercial and residential site development projects, and accident review analysis.† Mr. Tolbert has been involved in data collection, data analysis, report production, AutoCAD drawing production and traffic signal design.


Experience gained as consulting engineers includes work with city, state, county, and the Federal government as well as select private sector clients.† Peters & Associates Engineers, Inc. feels that this varied experience record allows the Firm to bring special expertise and judgment to projects undertaken.† Mr. Peters alone has thirty-four years of experience.


Little Rock, Arkansas is the location of Peters & Associates Engineers, Inc. only office.† This office provides consulting services in Arkansas and surrounding states. Peters & Associates Engineers, Inc. considers itís established Little Rock office as a proven permanent commitment to provide civil and traffic engineering services in the region. ††

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